Join the future of blockchain apps and data integration: Pallas Tokens

A Data creation platform merged with blockchain technology to implement a revolutionary search system and app development network.

Pre-Token Private Sale Complete



Worth of Pallas tokens


$1m completed

Proof of Information

new protocol and community payout method


Tradable with real use case, the more owned means access to new platform features.

Smart App Development

Data integration is transitioned into new apps for the community, Toolkits are created & updated for new community features.

Trusted data system

Immutable data for all and created by the community.

Our Core

What is Pallas Coin? (Our Token)

  • Blockchain Apps
  • Utility Token  
  • Fair and Balanced 
What is Pallas Coin?
Pallas Coin is a token built for the future of blockchain apps that is being developed with a new blockchain protocol, called Proof of Information. With our new system, the process from data collection to integration to creation is accelerated in a trusted environment, monitored by our community of “Architects”. This community of architects is rewarded through a new payout system called Tiered ranking, an innovative technique intended to fix current mining practices.

Be A Part of a Revolutionary Community.

Holders of the Pallas Coin token will be a part of a team and community that is already developing groundbreaking application that work in the real world. We build blockchain apps that everyone can use, no crypto knowledge needed. Take a look at some of our progress in year one.

  • Social Finance Network
  • Satellite News Network (reach: 275 Million Viewers)
  • Valuable Business Partners
  • Patents Filed & Being Developed
  • Future of Smart Contracts and Shopping
  • Data Library, Block Creation & Restoration

Creating An Amazing Community

How can we protect our community?

While we are a startup with real assets, we believe the community is the priority. With that in mind, we opted away from the tradition allocated amounts towards the community in our token supply. This means that our apps take a front seat, while our supply is a smaller amount.

While it is our responsibility as a team to provide you with the best possible work, we think you should tell us what kind of work you want to see being developed. So, we’ve added certain types of voting rights to our future token use case. This is intermingled with the social integration of  our token, which you can read about in our whitepaper.

Our Goal

We merge the community with new apps

Our mission is to use the Pallas Coin utility token to promote the worlds next great apps. That may sound like a big promise, so we want to show you the newest apps we’re helping develop in house. DebtMet’s App, MediaCurr’s App, EquiCurrency App, DataCurr’s App.

Our community, those owning Pallas Coin and those that don’t own any coin (but are considering joining), will have access to all of these apps. However, community owning coin is the priority, so those that do not own Pallas Coin will only have very limited access to this system.

This will allow us to engage with caring community members while also hopefully creating value for everyone.

Facts about the world of data and blockchain apps

Giving power back to the users

Internet access has been declared a human right by United States, its start-up culture is booming and its citizens and businesses have been able to enjoy the use of many streamlined digital public services.


billion USD — growth in data market by 2026


Million Apps in the marketplace


Billion in growth in the app market by 2020

50% +

Businesses implementing data analytics

1 Pallas (pre-ico) token price (Per $10,000 BTC Price)

0.00005 BTC

1 Pallas (pre-ico) token Price (per $1,000 ETH price)

0.0005 ETH

ICO Roadmap

Recent Timeline Development

NewCurr/ MediaCurr Work On Programming MediaCurr is involved in developing the CBNN 24 hour satellite News Network In Europe and Asia, along with content and coordinating websites. This is continued work from 2017.
NewCurr Works With Equicurrency On Patent NewCurr continues work on a blockchain conversion patent with Equicurrency.
January 2018
NewCurr Announces New Advisors Major advisors in web development and blockchain join the NewCurr team.
NewCurr Releases SAFT Token Sale Information The NewCurr team releases pricing and development information on the Pallas Coin/Token.
February 2018
NewCurr One Page And Token Sales Site NewCurr unveils the token sales site as well as a One Page for the Pallas Coin/Token.
Pre-Token Sale Begins The Pallas Coin/Token begins the first private accredited investor sale process in the discounted Pre-Token SAFT Sale phase. Initial private process completed
March 2018
Main Token Sale The Pallas Coin/Token begins the main sale process TBA in the still discounted sale phase (subject to legal approval)
April 2018
Post Token Sale The Pallas Coin/Token will begin the final sale process (subject to legal approval) TBA
May 2018
Meet Our Brilliant Minds

Our Motivated Team

  • Bob Blake

    Bob Blake is the original inventor and designer of...

  • Jonah Blake

    Jonah Blake is the Founder and Managing Member of NewCurr...

  • Tucker Snedeker

    Tucker Snedeker is an advisor/founder who brings extensive...

  • Charles League

    Charles League is a co-founder and now Project Manager...

  • Lucia Blake

    Lucia Blake is Head of European Operations for MediaCurr....

  • Ryan Sancilio

    Ryan Sancilio is experienced in client, corporate and...

  • Ryan Ryker

    Ryan Ryker has been involved in various blockchain...

  • Noah Blake

    Noah Blake has several years of experience in the online...

Foundation of Our Success

Our Advisory Board

  • John Jordan

    John Jordan is the Chief Operating Officer at Video...

  • DoYeop Kim

    DoYeop Kim is the Director of Business Development...

  • Russell Smith

    Russell Smith, Owner and President of RSBC Inc., has...

  • Simon Cocking

    Simon Cocking is Senior Editor at Irish Tech News,...

  • Rehan Fernando

    Rehan Fernando is the CEO of EIGHT25MEDIA located in...

  • Bob Blake

    Bob Blake is the original inventor and designer of...

In the News

Media about us

Business Showcase : NewCurr

NewCurr is building a blockchain surrounded by a new protocol called proof of information which is built for data integration and Dapp creation. Our concept derives from the idea that people committing to the blockchain network should be compensated fairly and accurately. We are not only committed to block creation, but what we call block restoration.

Token Sale

How to Buy Our Tokens

Start: Initial Stage completed
Hard cap: $39m
Soft cap: $1m
Token: PAL
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 2000 PAL AVG. per $1,000 ETH price
Project protocol: ERC20

Payment Methods-TBA

Pallas Token Contract (Coming Soon)

TBA: The following address will be provided to small number of approved accredited investors for the PAL token contract. This is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the (for approved accredited investors) Deposit form in the Tokensale platform


Token Structure & Initial Private Sale

How to Buy Our Tokens. You MUST be an accredited Investor and pass all KYC/AML policies and be approved by NewCurr Limited Company to invest in the Pallas Token Pre-sale. This is a private and limited offering to a small number of investors at this stage. We want you to know all about our great plans and to be able to enjoy and take advantage of them in the future. But this investment or sale of Pallas Tokens is not available to the public at this time. You must be accredited and meet all of our stringent regulations before investing any funds whatsoever at this stage of our development. The initial sale has been closed. We will announce an additional offering (based upon all proper approvals) soon.

Please stay tuned as all the details and signup pages for our Pallas tokens are coming soon and will be officially announced. As the initial sale is not a public sale any interested investor must qualify as an accredited investor through our link to AngelList (on the home page or at AngelList)  and we will only accept a small number of those that do. We may in the future release offers of coins or tokens to the public, but only when they are approved for sale through proper regulation and legal means.

  • 1.53% Investors
  • 50% Circulating
  • 17.47% Reserved
  • 30% Token Sales
  • 1% "Rewards" campaign